Fundamentals of Sailing Class

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  • Duration: 2 Days (approx.)
  • Location: Brooklyn, New York
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Ideal for folks looking to learn or refresh their sailing skills in a short period of time.

Course Description – Fundamentals of Sailing

2-day over the same weekend course.

This 18-hour course is designed for those who want a thorough introduction to the exciting sport of sailing. We follow the US Sailing Curriculum and offer US Sailing Certification as an option for an additional cost. Graduates will have a good understanding of all the basics and with additional practice will become competent crew members.

  • Fundamental sailing terms
  • Practice fundamental knots
  • Being part of the crew
  • Rigging the boat
  • Finding the wind direction
  • Setting sails
  • Sail trim for various points of sail
  • Tacking & gybing, heaving-to
  • Overboard recovery techniques
  • Basic right of way and navigation rules
  • Preparing and returning to a dock
  • De-rigging and cleaning up the boat

Instructional time: 15.0 hours practical + 3.0 hours of shore briefings

Pre-requisites: No prior sailing experience required, high interest in learning how to sail

Certifications: ONE°15 Brooklyn Sail Club Certification, optional US Sailing Certification (US Sailing Certification able to be purchased after confirmation e-mail for Class is received)

Textbook: Basic Keelboat Sailing, 4th Edition, US Sailing (we supply at no additional cost to the student)